Alternate Angle Academy has various avenues to impart knowledge and caters to wide range of professionals. The activities range from short duration interactive lectures, hands-on workshops, interactive site visits, guiding seminars and professional consulting sessions. All the activities are well-planned and precisely executed with limited group of passionate learners.

The focus is on absorption of knowledge and clear communication during the activities hence exchange of ideas and interactions are without language barriers. The participants are encouraged to express in the language in which they are more fluent and which will be mutually understood by instructor and participants.

Lectures Series are especially designed for busy professionals and students and hence they are of short durations of 3-4 hours for each lecture. The series focuses on areas crucial for day-to-day professional practice giving a basic understanding of the topic with introduction to few essential practical tools. It also aims at providing elementary knowledge of associate disciplines in order to give an overview of the subject.
Guided site visits of on-going projects at various construction stages are conducted by the Academy for professionals and students who wish to learn from observation and interaction about the technical procedures and detailing on site. These programs are for 1-2 days and are inclusive of on-site explanation and interaction with the team working on site and project. The participants are provided with project briefs, evolution process and design basis.
Workshops have instruction time and hand-on activities for durations ranging from one full day to two days sessions. They are very compelling and interactive sessions teamed with exercises and experiments to derive conclusions. The methods adopted are varied as per demand of the topic and which are more suited for better understanding and absorption of concepts.
Aspiring students for graduate studies face a tough challenge of choosing an appropriate field from the wide choices of programs given by universities in India and abroad. The decision making is confusing due to lack of thorough understanding of fields. The Academy provides an overview of various fields, available courses and future prospects in each field of study through these seminars. The participants are guided enough so they can make an informed decision as per their interest and temperament.
Fresh graduates often get projects from family and friends network. Although proficient in design and drawings, the young professionals are deprived of guidance related to information such as fee structure, approval process, cost estimation, vendor / contractor selection, tendering and even current practices in Architecture and Construction. The Academy, with its intent to promote best practices, shall provide project-based assistance for these young professionals. The aim is to build confidence of budding architects and simultaneously make them aware of the responsibilities and liabilities in architectural practice.