Seminars on Campus - Jan 2018

Seminars were conducted in Architecture college campuses to take practical knowledge to campuses and share professional experience with budding Architects. Topics ranging from development regulations, building finishes to fee proposal writing were covered to give insight on how projects are executed in practice. These practice oriented topics were chosen considering student interest and understanding.






Lecture Series Jan - Mar 2017

An interactive lecture series was conducted for professionals working in the field of Architecture and Construction. The series provided understanding of the topics along with essential tools applicable for day-to-day professional problem solving and successful project execution.

The focus of the series was for the participants to grasp knowledge and maintain a clear communication during the lectures.






Site Visit - Jan 2016

An interactive site visit was successfully conducted for a batch of 60 students from across batches. The students were provided with basic brief and drawings of the project. During the visit the students checked center lines, shuttering and steel tying process, RCC curing and application of various finishing items. The visit was guided along with interactive sessions with site engineers and consultants.








Vertical Studio - July 2015 - Nov 2015

A combined technical studio for 80 students across two batches was successfully conducted for Architecture students. The credit of the studio was counted as a part of the curriculum. Students worked on live projects and had a hands-on experience on topics of regulation implementation, municipal drawing preparation, working drawings, construction details, deriving quantities and preparing specifications.