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Alternate Angle Consultants Private Limited offers multidisciplinary services for building industry. We believe in integrated holistic approach and providing end-to-end solutions. We cater to multiple requirements of owners and developers for documentation, evaluation and assessment of properties. Our team of professionals comprises of registered architects, engineers, surveyors and valuers. We offer services from feasibility study of a proposed project to measurement surveys, condition and structural audits, quantity survey, cost estimation,procuring techno-legal property documents to property valuation of land and immovable property.

Our Services


As-Built Drawings: We provide accurate As-built drawings for the existing structures using latest technology and methods. The As-built drawings are used for up-to-date records and provides ready data for future expansion or redevelopment.

Finishing Matrix: The finishing materials for existing building and various fixtures are identified and documented for items like wall, ceiling, flooring finishes, door window types etc. The finishing identification aids in record keeping, allocation of funds for yearly budgets and maintenance estimates.

We provide services for procuring and checking your current property and ownership documents. The up-to-date records are useful for further expansion plans, claiming property ownership and dispute resolution.



We provide services to assess the health of the building by on-site survey. A detailed report is prepared to identify defects and its causes with an overall analysis about the condition of the buildings.
The report helps in identifying critical areas requiring immediate repairs, timely detection of material deteriorations helps in retaining quality and prolonging life of a building.

We check the overall structural performance of a building by conducting visual and various Non-destructive tests (NDT). The test is a mandate for all structures which are more than 30 years old to assure the safety and security of its occupants. The report can be used to analyse and suggest appropriate repairs and retrofitting measures required for building to perform better and for planning any additions or alterationsin future.




The critical areas which are identified through condition assessment survey for immediate repair works are quantified and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) of the same are provided for tendering purposes.

Cost estimation for immediate critical repair work identified through condition assessment survey is provided for budgetary purposes.

Valuation of immovable property like open land, residences, offices, shops, industries, institutional buildings are prepared for taxation and loan purposes.

We evaluate the potential of land and property for redevelopment, new additions and expansions by estimating profitability of a scheme based on construction cost, capital investment, overhead expenses and marketable value of the developed properties from sale.